Marble Elementary School 2010 - 2013

Civic Oration Winners
Gold Mining Academy
Marble Elementary
Battle of the Books
2012 - 2013
Ms. Godfrey's Thanksgiving
Thank You to the First Baptist Church of Andrews :-)
Snowbird 2012
TCEC Service 
Teaching in the Outdoor Classroom.....Yay :-)
Lowe's Heros Grant Team
Thank You Ms. Deck and Lowe's!!!!!!
Marble Fourth and Fifth Grade Attend Just Say No...Science Program 
The Great American
Magazine Subscription
Drive is Underway!!!!!
Our First Two Big Winners are Pictured at Below...........



Museum of the Cherokee Indian


  Tri-County Community College



Tri County Community College in conjunction with Cherokee County Schools has initiated a new program called

The Emerging Success Program 


The program is being hosted on the campuses of Marble Elementary School and Peachtree Elementary School. 

For more information contact TCCC or one of the two schools. 


The Pictures below are of the first cohort of students selected as Tri County Ambassadors who are charged with the diplomatic duty of acting as technology liasons between Marble Elementary School and their homes. 


Day Two
Finger Painting 


Mr. Hodge Receives
Award from Cherokee County Health Department for the Highest Rated School Score!!!!!!  


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!!
Guest Music Instructor Visits Marble



Stop, Drop and Roll!! Smokey the Bear Visits Marble :-)
Love the Bus Week
Mr. Hodge Being Honored!!!
Valentines Day Excitement!!!!!!!
Marble Academy Students
Students utilize brain based methodology and real sewing machines while learning how to quilt
How About a Little Simon Says 
While We Wait for the Bus!!!

Students Dissect Owl Pellets 
in Exploratory Science Lesson
 Academy Class Visits
 Mi Pueblito Restaurante :-)
Great Reading Links !!!!!!!!!

  Reading is Fundamental!!!

Reading every day, even if it’s for just a few minutes, improves children’s ability to read and learn all year long. Here are 10 weeks of activities that involve reading and related skills. There’s no special order, and you don’t have to do everything listed in a particular week. Just pick the ones that look interesting — or think of your own ideas for summertime reading fun.

Congratulations to the Marble Mustang Basketball Teams on a Super Season!!!!!
Kindergarten Good Citizens Award Winners!
Great Job!!!!!!! 
Artist in Residency....
A Great Success!!!!!
Thank you Mr. Jeff Menzer and the Cherokee County Arts Council for giving the students of Marble Elementary School the opportunity to discover that everyone is an artist.
Give Thanks Celebration 2012
Santa Relocates His Workshop to Marble Elementary School!!
Congratulations to
Mr. Rick Carter for Being Awarded a Bright Ideas Grant from
Heywood EMC!!!!!!!
Splash Bash
Bus Rider Training and  with Mr. Mike and Ms. Wood 
Mrs. Shields and the Fourth Grade Utilizing the Outdoor Classroom!!!!
Welcome Back
First Day of
2012 - 2013 
 Administrative Assistant Day
Spring Chorus Concert 

Kindergarten Graduation 2012


Fifth - Grade Move - up Day at AMS

 Kindergarten Takes Cap and Gown Pictures;  Graduation is Just Around the Corner !!!!!!


 Marble Elementary School !!!

Marble's Own "Cat in the Hat" 

Richard Graham




Drawing on his original fieldwork with the peoples of South America, the Caribbean,

Europe, and the United States, he brings into the classroom several interactive

multicultural arts experiences. His programs include exciting explorations of: Brazilian

Rainforest: its music and folklore. West and Central African Cultures: a musical

investigation of this region. Southern Folklore: a special program focusing on the

regional cultures of North Carolina, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Richard Graham is an ethnomusicologist, storyteller, and performing artist with over 17 years classroom experience as a teaching artist. Richard is a recording artist for the Inside Sounds and MuWorks labels and active as a teaching artist with the Lincoln Center Institute for Arts Education, the Wolftrap Institute for Early Learning, and the South Carolina, Mississippi, and Tennessee Arts Commissions. His educational music programs have been nationally profiled on NBC and CNN.

Ronald McDonald Visits Marble



Valentines Day Excitement!!!!!!!
Marble's Fifth Grade With Cyber Stranger Danger Cherokee County Technology Director Jeana Hardin Presents  Information

Ms. Dumas Guides Fourth and Fifth Grade Students in the Creation of Personalized Authentic Valentines Gifts :-) Awesome!!!!  Thank You Ms. Dumas!!!!!  
Battle of the Books Team Rocks Ranger and Delights in Pizza and Games @ Downtown Pizza$$$$$
Thank You Ms.'s Lana and Jenna for Your Awesome
Fourth Grade Thanksgiving Dinner - 2011